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tS Interviews: Parekh & Singh

We interviewed the dream-pop (or is it indie-pop) duo, Parekh & Singh who've just signed with a huge UK indie label. Their debut single came with a breathtakingly cute video to match and they look poised to take India's burgeoning indie scene to the world.

Parekh & Singh are a Kolkata-based duo composed of the singer-songwriter and multi-insturmentalist Nishcay Parekh and the notoriously good percussionist (and producer), Jivraj Singh.  Their debut single, “I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll” is at once light-hearted and deeply soulful - a beautifully rendered and seemingly simple serenade to a loved one that is steeped in all the uncertainty that dominates young love. tS interviewed the duo and sought to look under the hood and see what makes them tick. Following are excerpts from an e-mail interview.

Can you tell us about the genesis of Parekh&Singh. We've seen and heard Nischay's stuff and Jivraj has been such a prolific percussionist. That said, what occassioned this musical marriage?

It was pretty easy and uneventful. We live on the same road, and knew that the other played music so we decided to collaborate. It was mainly triggered by the first festival slot that I(nischay) was offered in 2012. I didn’t want to play alone hence I asked Jivraj to join me. 

How does your writing process work? How did the ideas and execution of the 'Ocean' album work?

The songs were stewing in my brain for many years. So they were pretty formed by the time I took them to Jivraj. He just brings so much energy and taste to the drum parts that he writes, it was an instant fit.

Tell us about signing with a big indie UK-based label - how did that come about and has that allowed you to gain a more international audience?

It was pretty lucky and direct. We sent them an email with a demo, they liked it and signed us ! It has certainly broadened our fan base and has helped our music travel to more people.

The I Love You Baby, I Love you Doll video broke the indie indian internet a little bit and Wes Anderson reportedly gave it a thumbs-up! Tell us about how the video was conceived and shot?

The basic concept came from me, the 2 of us in this place doing different things and not interacting till the very end. The production had a big crew. Misha Ghose directed it and did an unbelievably good job ! It was an amazing project to be a part of.

What musical influences do you each bring to the table? Are there vast differences in what's on each of your playlists?

We both just love all forms of pop music. From Drake to Nine Inch Nails really. Our ears are open and our influences are a quirky cocktail of anything and everything. We don’t say no to any music.

Speaking of playlists, let's assume you've both been convicted of a capital crime and are sentenced to the gallows. You have been given the right to listen to 5 songs. Name the 5 songs you would pick today?

1) Death Wish - Dams of the West

2) Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen

3) Kerala - Bonobo

4) Get Down Saturday Night - Oliver Cheatham 

5) See What She’s Seeing - Dirty Projectors

the Scribbler Staff

the Scribbler Staff