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The Contributor’s Charter

All that you need to know to contribute to the Scribbler.

1. No strings attached

You must have noticed that we are fairly content agnostic. If you have a voice, we want to be your platform. Tell us you want to submit a piece and we’ll make space for you. But we do emphasize on quality so we would need you to be in touch during the editing process. That being said, we know that sometimes sh** happens - life’s ugly mug gets in the way. We’re not going to be mad, promise. Just try and let as know ASAP so we can bring in a back-up and plan ahead.

2. Short/Medium/Long?!

Statistics have been aggregated, studies have been commissioned – and what we’ve learnt is that no one really knows what the ideal length of a piece on the internet (if you’re a writer) is. The piece should be interesting through its length and that is all we ask.

3. Draft

Try sending us a draft early in the process so we can weigh in on where you’re going. A second opinion is almost always insightful.

4. You are your best Editor

While we’re happy to clean up syntax and grammar, we don’t want to mess with your tone. So, do a proof-read. We can identify the core issues that might need work but we do not want to undercut your voice. As Zadie Smith says, try to read your own work as a stranger would read it, or even better, as an enemy would.

5. Remember your audience

Be conscious of not veering into spaces that are jargon-heavy and audience-blind. We want to be able to start conversations in places where conversation is not encouraged. At the same time encourage your audience to look beyond themselves and seek out information.

6. Structure

Convoluted writing never got anybody anywhere. Don’t use a $10 word where a 99c word will suffice. Note: the word suffice was absolutely unnecessary there.

Remember to paragraph appropriately and give your readers some breathing space. Short sentences – if there’s an elevator, don’t bother with the stairs. (Unless the stairs will help you and your reader).

7. Who are you, again?

If you’re not a returning contributor, we’re going to need a short bio in the third person and a picture of you and preferably just you. Feel free to be funny, but a truthful indication of who you are and what you do is advised

8. Want people to read your piece?

Title your piece so that people will want to read it. We try doing that on our end as well, but it’s always better when it comes from the horse’s mouth. Also, all contributions should also be accompanied by a 2-3 sentence long description for the homepage.

9. Spread the Word!

Think of your relationship with us as one of friends with benefits–so when the world is not letting you write or paint or photograph, look to your obviously incredible circle of talented friends and direct them to this awesome independent web-journal that will creatively curate their work. As our circle grows, our readership grows, your work gets more hits, and everyone wins.

An easy way to show your support is to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

10. Get in touch

Reach us at if you have a submission, want to send in some love or you have some criticism.

Remember, if you are contributing, send in your piece as a Word file accompanied by a short third-person bio and a strap describing the article.

the Scribbler Staff

the Scribbler Staff