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the Scribbler — Concept

A short explanation of who we are and what we’re trying to accomplish.

The What

the Scribbler is a current affairs and culture journal that is a product of two things: first, a collective disillusionment with the mainstream media; and second, a belief in the existence of people whose stories deserve a platform.

The content that drives us is not bound by subject-matter, medium, theme, commerce or political affiliation. Whether you’re a student with a baking problem, or a professional with incisive views on international banking structures, we provide you the space for your work to thrive.

Our ambition is to create a publication that is international in its outlook but local in its feel. While we aim to curate ideas that have a global focus, we believe that our community-based approach allows us access to distinctively local experiences as well. It is in this curious combination of the global and the local that we hope to carve our own special niche.

The How

First, we strongly advocate an uncompromising emphasis on quality. It is in the confluence of quality and passion that we seek to find both our writers and our audience. The bottom line is that we want to be truly proud of the content that we put up and we want our contributors to be proud of the work that they have created.

Second, our community approach focuses on creating concentric networks of contributors. What does this mean? If you’re reading this, you have two things at your disposal. First, a voice that the world should have the opportunity of hearing; and second, a network that is filled with similarly interesting people.

By hitching our wagons to each other, we privilege what the mainstream media denies: participation. Our entire model is geared towards creating an alternative environment, inverting the pyramid and changing the rules of the game.

Third, we aspire to have edge. We aspire to create a space that has a distinctive focus on design. While we believe in the boldness of our idea, we cannot overemphasize the importance of providing an awesome reading experience. Clean lines, no clutter, artistic but subdued. For us, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

The Who

Naman Goel is a co-founder and our Chief Technology Officer. When not working on building the next version of the Scribbler, Naman can be seen participating in Hackathons and working on open source projects. He is currently based in Spain.

Rajiv Naresh is the Scribbler’s Editor-in-Chief and a co-founder. After graduating with a degree in English, he made a beeline for Law School in London. He has written for The Huffington Post.

Christian Brightly is the Scribbler’s Staff Comedy Writer and is currently at École International de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. He has performed comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and sometimes studies Law to keep his mother happy.

Soumya Dasgupta is an Assistant Editor at the Scribbler. Soumya is passionate about theatre, journalism, and the study of history.

Lucy White is a staff writer and editor of the Scribbler.

We can be reached via email on

the Scribbler Staff

the Scribbler Staff